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Rick Mercer: When I was a young person in comedy, I was never in stand-up. But there was a CBC TV series called Comics! that gave comedians a chance to showcase their talents in prime time, and it led to a giant comedy boom. It had a huge impact on so many careers, so I think it’s time that that happens again. There’s never been a better time. This is a golden age of stand-up comedy. If you love comedy, there’s so much talent out there right now. 

I consider stand-up an art form. I consider all of these individuals to be really hard-working, creative artists. There’s nothing purer. But it’s a completely insane occupation. Who in their right mind would walk out on stage with a microphone and a glass of water and decide to entertain either 30 people in a club or 2,000 people in a theatre? They don’t have a guitar or backup singers, they just have themselves. It’s inherently exciting.

Court Painter is a bit of a talent scout and has come up with a few Great Dominion nominees for stand up jokers. He apologizes for only including a few since the talent pool is deeper than the ocean, wider than the sky!

Ken Burns…history & rhyming

Interviews relating to Ken Burn’s recent PBS documentary series ‘The U.S. and the Holocaust’.

Clink link for MSNBC Interview

Click link for CBS interview

ALSO: Click link for Canadian Museum of Human Rights for Canada’s treatment of Jews during this period.

Canada, antisemitism and the Holocaust | CMHR › story › canada-antisemitism-an…

Royal fit…

Court Painter was able to access murky documentation via an 18 year old hacker, of newly crowned King Charles 111 , having a royal fit about a pen that runneth over.

It is significant in contrast that his dear mother Queen Elizabeth 11, had never been documented having a fit during her entire 70 years 214 days of royal service.

It does not bode well.

Court Painter reluctantly provides this video and images as a public service to the remnants of the commonwealth, as a heads up.

Click link for shocking video

another RCMP push back drama …

RCMP Want Everyone to Chill on Questions About Mass Killer’s Death in Custody: ‘This Is Not a TV Drama’

Facing pressure from the public and media, a commanding RCMP officer in Canada has pushed back on providing immediate answers into the death of a man suspected in 10 murders in Saskatchewan.

Similar concerns over RCMP secrecy were also raised in the aftermath of the 2020 Portapique, Nova Scotia mass killing, Canada’s worst in history. 

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Fruitful consultations…

Court Painter met a number of times with the United Conservative Party leadership front runner Danielle Smith to consult on a favourable future cultural policy under her potential role as Alberta premier.A series of flattering complementary portraits of Ms. Smith contributed to fruitful discussions and Court Painter received assurances that his bottom line would be protected under the Alberta Sovereignty Act.

There is nothing further to report at this time.

Journey through strange vibes…

This journey through strange vibes has no narrative that can be seen to be anchored in the real world of optimism ,good tidings and stuff like that. As on a conveyance set adrift in a sea of turbulence and unease…these actors journey on a driverless stagecoach making a bee-line to the vacuous void, furtively seeking admiration and acknowledgement with their crypto currency of amorality and juiced up rhetoric! Surely a journey of strange vibes!

(Court Painter’s Press Attache AHM made this up in one go and after an ear splitting argument with the algorithm editor, refused to change one word. Also if the actors look like someone you know that’s your problem!)