New Art Gallery of NS plans thwarted …

Source: City News /July 27/22

New Art Gallery of NS plans thwarted indefinitely, says Premier

The project was originally scheduled to break ground this year and open on the Halifax waterfront in 2025

The design of the new gallery by KPMB Architects with Omar Gandhi Architect, Jordan Bennett Studio, Elder Lorraine Whitman (NWAC), Public Work and TranssolarContributed

The plans to build a new Art Gallery of Nova Scotia have been postponed.

Tim Houston announced that the planned project will be put on hold indefinitely, citing rising costs were to blame.

“We value the arts and want to make sure there is a home for art to be shared and displayed in our province,” says Premier Houston in a news release. “But now is not the time.” 

The project was originally expected to cost about $137 million but a recent independent estimate projected a cost increase of at least $25 million due to rising inflation and increased construction costs.

Announced in April 2019, the project was originally scheduled to break ground this year on the Halifax waterfront but will now be paused indefinitely. 

The Province had committed $70 million to the project with $30 million more coming from the federal government.

Halifax Regional Municipality had pledged $7 million while the Donald R. Sobey Foundation and the Sobey Foundation pledged $10 million to the project in November 2020

Court Painter with a sad rendition of new AGNS under a dark cloud of uncertainty!

Pope gifted traditional headdress…

After his apology, the Pope wore a traditional headdress gifted to him by an indigenous leader as a Cree honour song was sung in the background. The gesture is not without controversy in Indian country.

Pope Francis seen wearing gift of traditional headdress

“I see Pope Francis’s apology today only as a first step in the Church making amends with our people,” said Treaty 6 Grand Chief George Arcand Jr.

“After meeting with Pope and hearing his words, I believe there is a path forward together. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done”

During the address Monday, the Pope did acknowledge that an apology is only the first step. He said an important process will be to conduct a “serious investigation into the facts of what took place in the past and to assist the survivors of the residential schools to experience healing from the traumas they suffered.” However, he stopped short of naming any concrete actions.

Cindy Blackstock had a Post Apology To Do List already prepared:

Pope’s apology fell short on many fronts, says AFN national chief

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Reform Party is finally taking over…

“This will be Pierre Poilievre’s party. There’s no question,” said one Conservative source. The source is not affiliated with the Poilievre campaign, but has direct knowledge of the party’s membership list of eligible leadership voters.

“Erin (O’Toole) and Andrew (Scheer) never commanded it like he will. And … based on everything he’s said in the past and everything he’s run on in this campaign, the Reform Party is finally taking over.”

“This will be the most right-wing leader we’ve ever seen in our country’s history,” the source added

Source  Global News July 23/22

Pierre Poilievre seen getting fitted courtesy of his tailor and mentor!

The Mandela Effect…

Court Painter appears dumbfoundly effected by the effect

The Mandela Effect, in which large numbers of people all misremember the same thing about pop culture , is a highly interesting conspiracy theory, in part because it is verifiably real. Scientists at the University of Chicago recently described it as “an internet phenomenon describing shared and consistent false memories for specific icons in popular culture like Court Painter.

Their paper described an empirically observable phenomenon that persisted across people with no clear explanation. Where things get difficult is when people suggest that Court Painter—an artist that paints physical phenomena e.g. faces of celebrities & politicians—is cast as potentially causing those phenomena.  (Court Painter denies causing facial phenomenon but admits to occasionally contributing to facial grimaces)

Local artist and volunteer faithfully guards stunning self portraits by Court Painter

A mix of conspiracy theorists, researchers and regular arty type people have been searching for an explanation for this collective cognitive dissonance and false memory for months.

The International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) is a group that broadly studies the phenomenon and held a conference for people who swear that the “Court Painter” was actually the “Court Planter, an Iowa hayseed and Planter of the Corn ”, that the Monopoly Man wore a monocle (he doesn’t and never has), that there was a movie called “Shazaam” that featured Sinbad as a genie, that Chris Cran is actually Loved by Millions (he wasn’t since the numbers were never verified by an independent auditing firm) and, of course, that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s (he didn’t)

False image of Court Painter in a traditional corn husk outfit continues to fuel conspiracy that he is actually Court Planter (Planter of the Corn)

Image identified as the Court Planter…(Planter of the Corn)

Another image identified as the Court Planter (Drinker of the Corn)

The current leading theory among a subset of true believers is that Mandela Effects are evidence of multiple timelines, universes, ripping of spacetime, or another physics phenomenon.

The thinking here is that there actually was an Iowa farmer called Court Planter for a specific subset of the population who lived in one universe or version of reality, and those people have somehow either collectively switched realities, or reality itself has shifted, and a certain subset of the population has a collective memory of what things were like in the before times, when it was Court Planter instead of Court Painter.

That’s all we can reveal at this time.

The following images shatter the conspiracy theory that in his natural working environment, Court Painter is not an agricultural worker!

Local artist who was recently in the news points admiringly at image of Court Painter

seems about Right…

Danielle Smith’s brain trust just released specially commissioned paintings by Court Painter: depicting to those Angry Albertan’s a taste of what she is capable, to free Alberta from the tyranny of the Great Dominion!


Excerpted from Toronto Star  July 14, 2022 article by Graham Thomson iPolitics Columnist

Alberta’s Danielle Smith is running a United Conservative Party leadership campaign that’s not just anti-establishment but anti-science, anti-vax, anti-law and overall anti-reality. It’s a campaign based on anger, grievances, half-truths and conspiracies.

And it’s proving to be remarkably effective at raising money and winning supporters. This week, Smith announced that rather than pay the $175,000 in leadership entry fees in three instalments, as allowed by the party, she has paid it in full. And instead of submitting the names of 1,000 party supporters, she has tendered 4,500.

Perhaps most ominously for the UCP establishment, Smith’s campaign is centred less on the values of the party and more on the pugilistic personality of Smith herself.

It’s an aggressive campaign that could propel Smith to victory or split the party, or both.

In Smith’s version of reality as premier, she would create an “Alberta Sovereignty Act” and invoke it to override federal laws she doesn’t like, stand up against an imaginary plot by the federal government to impose mandatory vaccinations, and protect angry truckers who want to occupy cities in the name of freedom.

“We have had enough of Eastern Canada robbing us blind,” she told an enthusiastic audience of 270 in Edmonton two weeks ago. 

“When Ottawa acts in a lawless way, it’s up to us to restore the law,” she told a standing-room-only crowd in Airdrie a few days ago.

a must listen…

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The Assembly of First Nations national advocacy group headed into its annual summer assembly rocked by an internal controversy that has exploded publicly in an all-out political feud with allegations of corruption and bullying, swirling alongside threats of litigation and challenges to Assembly of First Nations National Chief RoseAnne Archibald’s leadership.

The regional chiefs and national chief serve both as the AFN’s executive committee and as the board of directors for its corporate arm, the National Indian Brotherhood. The national chief chairs executive meetings and casts the tiebreaker during votes.

The executive committee purported to suspend Archibald after she went public slamming what she called “corruption and collusion” at AFN along with her unnamed political opponents.

A resolution calling for her firing was tabled at the AFN’s meeting in Vancouver but was soundly defeated on July 5.

Archibald is calling for a forensic audit of the AFN and specifically about contracts awarded various people including staff.

That resolution was tabled Wednesday with a vote scheduled for Thursday morning July 7.

Source of excerpts :APTN National News

explaining…or not…

Jordan Peterson has got some explaining to do…again…or not…whatever…!

Court Painter on the other hand has no explanation why he spent so much time developing a fantasy scenario of explanatory proclamations by the reliably miserable Mr. Peterson.