Donny Sardonic & The Enablers…

Trump says comments that disinfectants could treat coronavirus were sarcastic.

Speaking from the White House during his daily press briefing, the former real estate mogul and reality TV star floated the idea of injecting oneself with bleach or blasting the virus with ultraviolet light and heat as potential tactics for killing the virus that causes COVID-19. He also raised the possibility of shining light inside the body to kill the virus.


Leader of the Opposition

Depicted under a coronavirus disco ball, the Leader of the Opposition stands alone .

Conservative Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer stood out as leader of the opposition in rejecting Liberals’ ‘tentative agreement’ with NDP and Bloc on Parliament’s return in the face of the CONIVD-19 pandemic.

He’s standing up on principle he says, some think he should be standing down for safeties sake.

And then there are those who just can’t stand him standing up or standing down…so there is that…

In his opulent studio featuring the integration of colourful patterns depicting the coronavirus, Court Painter is seen standing in front of a recent painting.
The Conservative leader of the opposition is seen standing under a coronavirus disco ball in an empty House of Commons.

ain’t never gonna happen…

Court Painter has gone a bit stir crazy and just finished Big House Interiors with Shadows a series of fantasy paintings that he despairingly admits will never be reflected in the real world of law and order …in the “greatest democracy in the world”…which continues to show it would rather be the champion of corruption to the bone while breathing the oxygen of self myth over authentic justice…or whatever!