Tell-All Mural

Court Painter’s Press Attache says 45th President’s ex-portrait painter could make millions with tell-all mural!

Press Attache A Hardon MacKay says Court Painter, former portraitist and gadfly in the Court of Trump , will make millions as he proceeds to paint a tell-all mural…. artfully rendering the president and cameo appearances with Stormy Daniels .
AHM who runs Court Painter’s marketing and communication arm , says art dealers and art museum mucky mucks are clamouring to meet with Court Painter to take advantage of his tell-all project.  AHM who is close to Court Painter says he has “full intentions” of completing the mural about his time in the company of the president and Stormy . AHM added that Court Painter had “very positive” experiences with President Trump and his one time main squeeze outside the sanctity of his marriage and has nothing negative to render in his sweeping exposes even though his palette may be misinterpreted by critics and the common folk as revelatory, titivating ,dark & foreboding.

 Court Painter had withdrawn from further Court of Trump commissions  after Trump learned he’d shared intimate sketches featuring him and Stormy during off-the-record drinks with nosy parker reporters.


 AHM says that if Court Painter is willing to endure the legal, media and presidential onslaught that would come as a result of painting intimate tableaus on his former favourite subjects, then he’s in line for the biggest art payday so far in the Trump era.

“This is someone who had total access, saw everything, which Trump obviously knows and Stormy honestly couldn’t give a hoot,” says AHM.

“I am willing to paint everything I saw ,especially the plantar warts,” Court Painter chuckled metaphorically he thought.

Press Attache AHM says the Court Painter’s sketches of his time painting the president in intimate quarters are “sufficiently shocking”when blown up mural size and will likely get an advance of $5 million or more from a yet undisclosed source. “It doesn’t get much better. I mean this is a major score,” he said. “There might be argument or a higher calling for why Court Painter is doing this…. otherwise it would come across as transactional. … It’s a tricky path however Court Painter smells money in the water and he’s going in for the artistic kill”.

Advance images of the mural were being posted on Court Painter’s private blog post link which is a clunker so we’ve posted them here.

People’s Party Brain Trust

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier has doubled down after attempting to discredit an internationally recognized teenage climate change activist by calling her “mentally unstable.”

Court Painter in discussion with Asshole Max

After facing scorn on Twitter for his remarks on Greta Thunberg on Sunday, Bernier did not back down in an eight-part tweetstorm the following day.

He called Thunberg “the international mascot for climate alarmism” and claimed she is being used as “a convenient shield” by the left.

“Greta Thunberg is clearly mentally unstable,” he tweeted. “Not only autistic, but obsessive-compulsive, eating disorder, depression and lethargy, and she lives in a constant state of fear.”

“My concern is not for Greta Thunberg’s feelings, but for the millions of Canadians and people in other countries who will be poorer, will suffer and have their lives upended if we let her and the movement she represents impose their radical ideas,” he later added.

The People’s Party refuses to accept the scientific consensus that global warming caused by human activity has put the future of the planet in serious jeopardy.

Greta Thunberg is open about having Asperger’s syndrome and recently said on Twitter, “When haters go after your looks and differences, it means they have nowhere left to go. And then you know you’re winning!