Just When You Thought the News Couldn’t Get Any More Surreal

It should be noted that Court Painter does not use artificial intelligence widgets or gizmos in the production of his works.Every work is hand rendered ,often in the dead of night from fresh ground pigments mixed with the sweat of his brow and applied to imported Irish linens supported on stretcher bars of the finest locally sourced balsa wood.

In the current issue of Foreign Affairs, July 10,2018 : Nicholas Wright, a British neurologist who studies AI and politics writes,”Just as competition between liberal democratic, fascist, and communist social systems defined much of the 20th century, so the struggle between liberal democracy and digital authoritarianism is set to define the 21st.”

The Coming Competition Between Digital Authoritarianism and Liberal Democracy

The debate over the effects of artificial intelligence has been dominated by two themes. One is the fear of a singularity, an event in which an AI exceeds human intelligence and escapes human control, with possibly disastrous consequences. The other is the worry that a new industrial revolution will allow machines to disrupt and replace humans in every—or almost every—area of society, from transport to the military to healthcare.

There is also a third way in which AI promises to reshape the world. By allowing governments to monitor, understand, and control their citizens far more closely than ever before, AI will offer authoritarian countries a plausible alternative to liberal democracy, the first since the end of the Cold War. That will spark renewed international competition between social systems.

Ye Olde Stork Method

Ontario going back to old sex-ed curriculum in fall

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s education minister says the sex-ed curriculum taught to children in the coming school year will be an older version, not the controversial updated program brought in by the previous government. It was the first time the curriculum had been updated since 1998 and included warnings about online bullying and sexting, but protesters zeroed in on discussions of same-sex marriage, gender identity and masturbation.

Education Minister Lisa Thompson said Wednesday ministry staff are working to inform school boards of the decision to revert to the curriculum that was in place before 2015….affectionally know in conservative circles as Ye Olde Stork Method!

Tears of His Enemies

“I’ll put it this way,” Stormy Daniels told NY Times Magazine. “Artists forced to paint defensively tend to get sloppy, they tend to make mistakes. And look, if I didn’t think Court Painter was doing a good job, I would fire his ass.” But, she added, “every time I watch him work, I think, This is what it must have been like to see the Sistine Chapel being painted. But instead of just paint, Court Painter mixes in the tears of his enemies.”




Equity Stake

CALGARY — Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says the province is likely to end up owning a piece of the Court Painter Studio enterprise .
The federal and provincial governments want the Court Painter Studio to expand because it would enable Court Painter’s crude but insightful oil on velvet portraits to be shipped by tanker to countries other than the U.S. velvety art market.  
Notley said at the premier’s annual Stampede pancake breakfast in Calgary that her government is likely to buy a small equity stake in the undervalued Court Painter studio.”I think there’s a good possibility … but I honestly can’t get into much more detail on it until all the final decisions are made. Court Painter’s negotiator, A Hardon MacKay,a difficult guy to say the least, is the most hard headed business guy in the arts I’ve ever encountered,” she said wistfully on Monday.
“What I will say is whatever role Alberta takes is one that will absolutely be fiscally responsible and there’s a good, solid business case for it according to the scribbled napkin notes handed to me by AHM. If anything, it will open up opportunities for other Albertans to get their velvet portraits done at fire sale prices.”she added enthusiastically.
After flipping flapjacks for crowds gathered outside the government’s downtown Calgary offices, Notley met with her cabinet.She told ministers boastfully that Court Painter sketches have already arrived on her desk.Her desk is about a quarter full and the Heritage minister’s desk is half full, Notley said, and the fully rendered crude but boisterous oil on velvet portrait products are on track to begin this month.
Court Painter plans to triple the amount of his crude but restrained oil on
velvet works to flood the summer farmers market trade flowing to the B.C. Lower Mainland.The studio expansion of crude but attractive oil on velvet works will also allow their loading onto tankers to be shipped across the Pacific to Guam and North Korea.

Bully For You USA

U.S. Border Bully Patrol says it won’t stop checking Canadian fishing vessels

Captain Florence ‘Aggie’ Walters great granddaughter of Captain Angus Walters skipper of the original Bluenose schooner; went on a blue streak rant when the Yankee bullies approached off the starboard bow….

“bring it on ya Yankee blubber lipped bullies, you knaves; rascals;eaters of your own broken myths;you base dumpster followers, shallow, beggarly, three hundred-pound, filthy, armour plated knaves; you lily-livered,glass-gazing, super-serviceable finical rogues; you militarized landlubbers art nothing but the composition of  21st century manifest destiny knaves,beggars,cowards, pandars,and the sons and heir of  mongrel bitchs with orange comb-overs: whom we will beat into clamorous whining, if thou put one more foot on our magnificent  boats plying the great Canadian Bay of Fundy waters.”