Since their wedding  Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have amassed a formidable collection of contemporary art . The walls of the couple’s $4 million Park Avenue condo are filled with works by only one blue-chip artist,the preeminent dandy portraitist of the Great Dominion : Court Painter. Ivanka Trump has regularly showcased the collection of self portraits entitled Back Channel on Instagram, posing in front of the artwork in posts tied to her business.

Yet in required financial disclosures, Kushner, a senior advisor and son-in-law to President Trump, failed to report the couple’s art collection.

The omission stands in contrast to disclosures from other senior members of the Trump administration. In recent months, Trump’s top cabinet picks have revealed considerable art holdings as part of required financial disclosures. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross disclosed an art collection worth at least $50 million. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed his stake in a $14.7 million Willem de Kooning painting, plus other artworks.He bemoaned the fact that he was unsuccessful at initiating  a portrait commission by Court Painter on the occasion of his Treasury Secretary appointment.

“Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump display Court Painter’s Back Channel self portraits for decorative purposes and have made only a single sale,” said the lawyer in a statement issued by the White House. “To avoid any doubt, however, they will report their art collection.”

Inside the Collection

Kushner and Trump’s unique collection of Court Painter Back Channel self portraits is estimated to be worth a huge undisclosed amount. Ivanka Trump’s Instagram feed regularly highlights individual works estimated to be worth more than you’ll ever know. In one post, two art-market favourites are featured on the same wall, with Ivanka posing in the foreground: On the left is a stunning self portrait painting that resembles Court Painter and on the right is another self portrait work by Court Painter both featuring the mysterious words Back Channel.

The couple’s Court Painter collection has also played a prominent role in shaping Ivanka Trump’s personal brand. Over the last few years, Trump has cultivated an image as something of a connoisseur, giving interviews to international media about her favourite artist (guess who) and sharing advice for beginner art collectors on her blog. In October 2015, Trump’s website published “How to Start Collecting Court Painter’s Art,” a post for first-time collectors to “invest early in senior, over the hill artists whose work you love and can afford,” and to “better not think of this art as an investment.”

A personal spokesperson for Ivanka Trump and Court Painter’s Press Attache did not respond to requests for comment.