1. a person or thing that makes something possible.”the people who run these workshops are crime enablers”
  2. a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in another.

Image inspiration : Charlie Chaplin

wealth gain…

The top 20 richest billionaires in Canada have amassed $37 billion in collective wealth increases since March, when COVID-related lockdowns and closures began across Canada, according to a new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Not a single one of the top 20 billionaires in Canada has suffered a decrease in their overall wealth since the emergence of COVID-19. According to the CCPA report, the massive wealth gain at the very top “reflects the increasingly clear decoupling of the stock market from the real economy.”

Source: Richochet, September 17,2020

In search of a Plan…

Michelle Rempel Gardner seated at the keyboard working up versions on “The Liberals have no plan”.

Conservative Shadow Health Minister, Michelle Rempel Garner says Canada’s Health Minister, Patty Hajdu, lost trust and made “deadly” choices throughout the pandemic and the Liberals have no plan!

Question:If the Liberals have no plan, what is the Conservative plan?

Answer: The Liberals have no plan.

Question: So what is the Conservative plan?

Answer: The Liberals have no plan!

speechify …

The Sept. 23 Speech from the Throne will reset the government’s agenda and define Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s priorities. The throne speech will have a tone of urgency and immediacy — focusing on addressing the threat of the ongoing pandemic — which the government views as remaining at crisis levels, a senior government source told Global News.

YEMEN (update)

Updated from post of September 8/20

Canada for the first time is being publicly named as one of the countries helping fuel the war in Yemen by a panel of independent experts monitoring the conflict for the United Nations and investigating possible war crimes by the combatants, including Saudi Arabia.

The countries identified in the report, which also include the United States, Britain and France, “continued their support of parties to the conflict including through arms transfers, thereby helping to perpetuate the conflict,” the report said. It was the third report issued so far by the UN Human Rights Council’s panel on Yemen.

Ardi Imseis, a professor of law at Queen’s University and a member of the panel, said at a news conference on the report that Canada was added to the list of named countries because of an increase in arms sales in 2019.

Canadian shipments of military goods to Saudi Arabia hit a record high in 2019, almost entirely owing to a $14-billion contract brokered by a federal Crown corporation to sell light armoured vehicles (LAVs) to the kingdom. Canada exported nearly $2.9-billion worth of military equipment to Saudi Arabia last year, nearly all of it LAVs made in London, Ont., by a subsidiary of U.S. defence contractor General Dynamics Corp.“Providing the instruments of war to any side in the Yemen conflict will only serve an enabling function, thereby continuing the conflict to the great detriment of civilians in Yemen.”

Canadian-made LAVs operated by Saudi soldiers have been filmed in skirmishes across the Saudi Arabian-Yemeni border.

Source: Excerpted from Globe & Mail September 9,2020

Images from August 9,2016 post entitled

Sunny/Sunni Ways

The Saudi Arms deal originated with the Harper Government and was followed through with by the Liberal Government