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Donald Trump was promoted and schooled, made famous and made wealthy, by the same culture and economy that now reviles him.

Jim Lewis
Click Jim Lewis link for Intercept story from March 28 2016.

After all, it wasn’t some Klan newsletter that first brought Trump to our attention: It was Time and Esquire and Spy. The Westboro Baptist Church didn’t give him his own TV show: NBC did. And his boasts and lies weren’t posted on Breitbart, they were published by Random House. He was created by people who learned from Andy Warhol, not Jerry Falwell, who knew him from galas at the Met, not fundraisers at Karl Rove’s house, and his original audience was presented to him by Condé Nast, not Guns & Ammo. He owes his celebrity, his money, his arrogance, and his skill at drawing attention to those coastal cultural gatekeepers — presumably mostly liberal — who first elevated him out of general obscurity, making him famous and rewarding him (and, not at all incidentally, themselves) for his idiocies.

Parler game…

Erin O’Toole, Michelle Rempel Garner and Candice Bergen prominent Conservative MPs all play the Parler game
Three prominent Conservative MPs are identified as Parler game participants.
Court Painter with recent Parler game painting

Parler (/pɑːrlər/PAR-ler) is an American microblogging and social networking service launched in August 2018. Parler has a significant user base of Donald Trump supportersconservatives, and right-wing extremists.[5][6][7] Posts on the service often contain far-rightcontent,[13] antisemitism,[16][discuss] and conspiracy theories like QAnon.[20] Journalists have described Parler as an alternative to Twitter, and the service is popular among people who have been banned from mainstream social networks or oppose their moderation policies.[5][8][21]

Parler markets itself as a “free speech” and unbiased alternative to mainstream social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. However, journalists and users have criticized the service for content policies that are more restrictive than the company portrays and sometimes more restrictive than those of its competitors.[22][23][24][25] Beginning in June 2020, some users reported being banned from Parler for espousing left-wing viewpoints.[8][discuss]

As of November 2020, the service had about 4 million active users and over 10 million total users.[2][3]

Source: Wikipedia


Premier Kenney & Health Minister Shandro

Kenney unveils new COVID-19 restrictions following weeks of pressure

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney rejected calls to implement a more widespread lockdown across the province, calling that option ‘an unprecedented violation of fundamental constitutionally protected rights and freedoms’

Premier Kenney explains ground rules to Lady COVID

Broken & cannot be fixed from within…

The RCMP, having taken the Canadian public for a ride for decades, have at last been called out.

Broken Musical ride variation 1
Dr. Pam Palmater’s summary of five key findings of the Broken Dreams Broken Lives Report about sexual harassment in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Broken Musical ride variation 2
Broken Musical ride variation 3
Broken musical ride & sales shop items
Court Painter in studio

Skippy & Ezra…what could go wrong?

iPolitics. Published on Nov 20, 2020 12:01am (slightly embellished by AHM)

With Conservative Finance critic Pierre “Skippy” Poilievre’s petition drive to “Stop the Great Reset” racking up more than 61,000 signatures in just two days, it’s worth noting that it was Rebel Media conspiracy commander in chief Ezra Levant who initially sounded the klaxon over the dire implications the reset in question may have for Canada.

A few days before Poilievre’s campaign went live, he tweeted a 29-second video clip of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicly endorsing the idea at a virtual United Nations forum on sustainable development in the COVID era earlier this fall.

“I thought this was supposed to be a conspiracy theory,” he noted.

“But here it is, straight from Trudeau’s mouth. The pandemic is the excuse for a ‘Great Reset’ of the world, led by the UN.”